What Are Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks?

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Backlinks or Inbound Links has become the key part of Google ranking as well as SEO strategy. Backlinks refer to the links that are placed on other’s websites for directing their users to your website. Inbound links are often referred to the building blocks of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Major search engines like Google give more recognition to the sites that have a higher number of high-quality Backlinks and provide them better ranking on search result pages.

Backlinks help your site to become more popular on leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When other websites bring up traffic to your website, it makes you become to get more “authority” on the contents you cover.

Types of Backlinks

According to the capability to convey the link juice, Backlinks are differentiated into two categories and they are:

  • Do-Follow Backlinks
  • No-Follow Backlinks

Though the concept of Do-follow Backlinks and No-Follow Backlinks are pretty old; but still most of the new webmasters and neophyte online marketers are still bemused about the differentiation between both links. So to tidying the uncertainty and define both kinds of Backlinks in a clearer manner; here’s an article.

Summary of Do-Follow Backlinks

A do-follow link is a kind of Backlinks that passes on the SEO advantages of its ingrown site to the hyperlinked website. This link building is specifically employed for advantageous SEO purposes. Backlinks, generated from the sources of high PR and high Domain Authority are employed for passing on the link juices on the way to the hyperlinked web pages or blog, thus significantly perking up its ranking in the search engines.

Benefits of Do-Follow Backlinks

  • Do-follow Backlinks encourage quicker crawling and indexing
  • Do-follow Backlinks endow site with more exposure
  • Do-follow Backlinks makes your site appear like a more reputable source
  • Do-follow Backlinks present long-term SEO advantages

Overview of No-Follow Backlinks

No-follow Backlinks are those links which are not counted as a point the favour of the web page. It neither boosts PageRank nor promotes the page position in the SERPs. If a link is set as no-follow, Google Bot doesn’t count the link and won’t pass on any link juice. It is just a symbol for search engines maxim “Don’t count this” or “Don’t Follow this link”.

A no-follow link is formed with the no-follow link HTML tag which looks like:

  • <a href= http://www.example1.com rel=”nofollow”>Example1</a>
  • <a href= http://www.example2.com rel=”external nofollow”>Example2</a>

Benefits of No-Follow Links

  • No-follow links provide higher web traffic
  • No-follow links make the website look more natural
  • No-follow links swell DA, PA, and several other metrics
  • No-follow contextual Backlinks help sites gaining more authority & extra referral traffic


Concluding, this is a brief guide to Backlinks and its two basic kinds. Link building for SEO campaign involves a number of smart tricks and strategies that are intended to upkeep your site’s ranking in search engines. So before building Backlinks; make sure to make a detailed research about the links their benefits for your website.

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