Content Marketing Strategy

Link Building

We help you to get the best backlinks for your website or blog and helps you to build a great authority of your site.

Business Profiles

Getting on to top business websites by having your business profiles on them describing your services and products.

Blog Comments

Blog comments are a clean way to spread your voice over other websites and acquiring links from them in a better way.

Image Marketing

Acquiring backlinks through image or picture marketing is an awesome way to create a visual impact as well as build good link profile.

Link Building is an Art

Link Building is always considered as the most challenging part of SEO, but is also the most critical part for achieving success in SEO. Link Building is considered an Art as it requires creativity, budget and hustle. Two link building campaign can never be the same, and the way you decide to build links varies as much upon your website. There are three basic types of link acquisitions which are mentioned below:


  • Natural Editorial Links: The Natural Editorial links are the links given by the pages and sites naturally. The sites and pages helps to link your content or company. The SEO expert has no job or action for creating such links. These links require no specific actions or interference of the SEO, other than the creation of a good content and the ability to develop awareness about the company.


  • Self-Outreach Links Building: The self created links are created by the SEOs. The SEO creates these links by emailing the bloggers for submitting sites to directories, links and paying for listings of any type. The SEO expert often develops a value proposition by explaining the target link about why the creation of the link is in their best concern. The examples of such links include filling of forms for submitting to the website award program; convincing a teacher that their resource is worth of inclusion on the public syllabus.


  • Non Editorial Links: There are hundred and thousands of websites that offers any visitor an opportunity to create links with the help of guest book signings, blog comments, user profiles and forum signature. These links are offered at the lowest value, but can still have a serious impact for some websites. The search engines continue to devalue many different types of links, and have been known to penalize many sites which pursues these links very aggressively. These links are often considered as spam and should be created with caution.


SEO’s Job in Link Building


As an SEO expert, it totally depends you for selecting the correct link building type for getting the highest return on the effort invested. It is wise to build as varied and vast link as possible, as it helps to bring the best search engine returns. Any such link building pattern that seems to appear non-standard, manipulative or unnatural becomes a target for the search engines algorithms to discount. With any marketing activity, the first step in link building campaign is to create strategies and goals. Link building is considered as one of the most difficult but critical activity.

The search engines internally weigh each of the links with proper mathematical metrics, which is impossible for those on the outer side to access the information. The SEO experts depends upon the number of signals to help build a rating scale of link value. Success is experienced when you see increase in higher rankings, higher traffic and more frequent search engine crawling. If these factors is not seen increasing after a successful link building, the SEO must seek higher quality link targets.

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