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Pay Per Click (PPC)

We create custom pay per click campaigns to maximize your clicks and ultimately revenue.

Paid Search Advertising

Get on the top of the Google Search Ads through paid advertising through Google Adwords.

Display Network Ads

Get yourself branded on Google partner sites through banner ads through display network ads. 

Social Media Ads

Social Media Advertising helps you to reach people based on their interests and demographics.

Pay Per Click

Before getting into the application of Pay-Per-click marketing, lets learn what actually is PPC marketing. Pay-Per-Click advertising is way of utilizing search engine optimization to generate clicks for increasing the traffic of your website. This is an artificial way of generating inorganic clicks, so that your website gets a higher ranking. You often see popup link at the top of any website, that popup is the pay-per-click advertising. Google AdWords is one of the common PPC you will find on many search results page.

The process of PPC marketing is very simple to understand. Every time your ad is clicked by a user, it directs the visitor to your website. For this you need to pay a small amount to the search engine for advertising yourself. A well-designed PPC campaign can help you increase your website’s user visits. When your campaign runs smoothly, the small amount which you need to pay to the search engine becomes trivial. The results from this kind of marketing is worth the risk and effort.


Expectations from our PPC Management Services

We are working hard to provide you the best PPC management service, so that you can help your business to grow globally.


  • PPC Strategy: To identify and prepare an efficient PPC campaign which would be right for you, we need to know everything about your business. Along with the knowledge of your business, the factors which can affect your campaign should also be taken care such as your business sector, USP’s and your competitors. After this we become your trusted partner, for developing a strategy which would deliver results more than you will expect.


  • Implementation: Once we understand your business and analyze the market competition, we then apply the planned strategy. We will work hard to deliver the planned strategy by building out your prevailing campaigns, or by establishing accounts at fresh networks. We help you to own the accounts and have a strong relationship with the network owners.


  • Keywords: We would help you to ensure that you are targeting the accurate keywords, and not wasting time on inappropriate keywords. We use high-tech techniques which guarantees to cover full search background. We also ensure avoiding the areas that are not required and right for your business.


  • Tracking: Without an accurate data, PPC optimization campaign would just be a shot in the dark. So setting up tracking is necessary before the campaign, or your money would just be wasted. For which we provide full time monitoring and tracking, to get all the required data that are necessary to optimize your accounts.


  • PPC optimization: This is an important step we take to refine and focus the campaign to push the performance boundaries. Attention towards every detail is the key for the success of this campaign. A slightly upper or lower click can make a massive difference.


  • Reporting: We then produce the reports that provide a meaningful insight about what is happening with your PPC campaign. We give a report about what we were working on, what we have analyzed regarding your competitors and how your campaign is performing for which you have paid.

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