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Social Media Marketing Services

An effective social strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

Account Management

Managing social media on regular basis is an important but tedious task. Hire us to manage your social media accounts through our dedicated resources.

Polls and Contests

Run contests and polls to build user base and active followers. Use their activity to promote your products and generate revenue step by step.

Polls and Contests

Run contests and polls to build user base and active followers. Use their activity to promote your products and generate revenue step by step.

Why you need Digitofy as your Social Media partner?

Having a social media marketing partner like us, which is capable of generating sales, opportunity and exposure will offer you the desired success rate. We are aiming to become a leading social media marketing company to ensure increased traffic for your business websites. We integrate your business to several social media sites to promote your business at the fullest. We will be applying all the available resources to build strategies by the process of gaining higher traffic with the help of social media sites. We use the social media sites to promote a product or service through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.


Our social media marketing services includes

We provide a wide range of services under social media marketing. The following services are mentioned below:

  • Improving Site Conversion: We help our clients to improve their site conversion with the help of video optimization. The process of video optimization includes the implementation of various latest technologies which is used generally by different mobile service providers. These technologies are used for enhancing the viewing experience on the part of the users.


  • Social Media Auditing: We have an efficient and professional team for the execution of social media auditing. Our SEO experts perform the auditing of the social media for evaluating the process of the brand. The social media auditing we perform would help to raise the awareness of your brand.


  • Virtual Marketing: Our SEO experts help our clients to drive traffic and online brand exposure with the help of efficient Virtual Marketing strategies. Applying the best virtual marketing skills would help get more audience response for your product on different social media networks.


  • Facebook: For attracting a huge audience, we use the Facebook platform for promoting your products. Facebook integration would help grow the number of audiences rapidly. Along with promoting your product, we also provide an exclusive Facebook page Management services.


  • Twitter: In the recent days, Twitter has gained a lot of traffic. Twitter is now being used by most of the people. So, for promoting your product Twitter might turn out to be the best option. We handle this crucial task for gaining the Twitter user’s attention to increase the traffic of your website.


  • LinkedIn: We help you to create a LinkedIn profile, which is created by our professional writers. Our experts are also proficient for managing your profile efficiently. We create and promote your business in the LinkedIn profile using branding strategy.


  • YouTube Channel creation: YouTube has proved to be the most visited site recently. We help you to create the essential YouTube channel, where you can upload your business working process video. This would enable transparency between your business and your customers. We also provide management tips which would help you reach out towards a greater audience.

From the above-mentioned services we provide, you might have gained a basic knowledge about the what we do in the name of Social Media Marketing. For further queries, you can contact us anytime, as we provide 24/7 assistance.